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Sep 5, 2017

What is it like to teach abroad? Is it as dangerous as it is exciting? And is it worth the risk? 
Greg Parry has taught in Australia, Asia and the Middle East. He founded Global Services in Education Ltd. (GSE), a firm that sets up international schools all over the world. Greg talks about the role of international schools, how they help students understand the world around them and how schools can turn conflict into something positive. 
Maya Nelson is the Principal at Hong Kong International School. She has worked at three other international schools including Taipei American School when SARS hit Taiwan. Maya shares with us how health is one of the biggest threats for international educators. 
Benjamin Roazen, now a features writer at HYPEBEAST and freelance contributor for GQ, attended the Anglo-American School of Moscow, the international school rumored to be shut down by Putin. He talks about his experiences abroad, including doing drills in the case of terrorist attacks and being one of two American students in the Russian school system. 
Benjamin Marsh is the Principal at Excelsior International School and previously worked in Lesotho and Dhaka. He left Dhaka a few weeks before the ISIS attack happened at the Holey Artisan Bakery in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 
Dr. Peter Bateman is the Executive Director of the Association of International Schools in Africa and has worked in the education sector for the last 25 years. He shares with us why educators enjoy teaching abroad. 
Marie and Jamie Morris are teachers at Cairo American College but were previously at the American International School in Dhaka for two years before an ISIS attack hit the restaurant they used to frequent. They moved back to the States to recuperate for a year before deciding to move abroad again to Cairo.